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Be Part of the Story
The Story
The Story

​To be part of the story is to celebrate Saskatchewan; it's past, present, and future. Our contribution to this is sharing scenes and art from our travels around this province, giving you the opportunity to do something as simple as hanging a photo on your wall. Each one of these photos has a story; sometimes they're deeply inspiring and other times it's just about the simple joy of being able to experience the moment. So take a break from this world of mass-produced "art" and take in all this incredible province has to offer.​

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Our Home

This is 

As an outdoors woman, the daughter of an entrepreneur, and a local business owner myself, I deeply value the balance between economic success and ecological driven success. I'd rather be out in the privately owned and small pockets of publicly owned lands of this province observing the interactions of humans and wildlife, than observing essentially domesticated animals in parks.


I worry that we're forgetting that wildlife exists, and must exist outside of our great park systems.

Saskatchewan is, and will always be my home. My vision is to help place higher value on local ecosystems and habitat on unprotected lands, allowing both the people, and the wildlife of Saskatchewan to continue to benefit from our rich resources.

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The Photorapher
The Photographer

Emily Gust |  B.B.A | Photographer

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Photography is and has always been a way to express myself and my love for the province I call home. It began with a trip to Cadet Lake SK near Nipawin. I had just received a brand new point and shoot and went crazy in the June moisture.

From mushrooms to dragonflies I started to learn the ins and outs of composition. Fast-forward 15+ years, I’ve invested in more equipment and education, travelled further and expanded into more types of photography. I have truly grown to find purpose in the art, a passion that is deeply rooted in the rich Saskatchewan soils.

I invite you to follow my personal profile on Instagram @emilygust or Emily Gust Photography on Facebook to learn more about what makes me tick.

You'll usually find me hanging out with my two loves, Jordan and our
Chocolate Lab, Echo. We love exploring together and spend a good chunk of our time at my family's cabin doing every stereotypical Canadian thing out there. 

The Photoraphy
A little bit of this,
a little bit of that

My primary focus is wildlife and habitats of Saskatchewan, but occasionally you'll see some more artistic expressions, architecture, or travel related images. 

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The Photography

Location | Focus | Style

Location - By now you've likely established that most of the images featured here are from Saskatchewan. Over 90% (if not more) are taken on public lands such as Wildlife Lands or vacant Crown Land, or on private lands within Saskatchewan. Occasionally you'll see images from regional, provincial, or national parks located in Saskatchewan as well.

Focus - I want to feature wildlife outside of our great parks, and to bring awareness and value to them while encouraging ethical land management practices by both the government(s) and land owners like ourselves.

Style - I focus mostly on presented images that accurately reflect the scene in front of the lensI’m not going for that “Instagram” style photo (that’s not a dig at those, just not my style). To me, wildlife isn’t meant to always be seen up close. That’s just not how they are naturally. And for a good portion of my audience, this may be the most intimate experience they have with regards to Saskatchewan’s wildlife. I really just want to capture reality, create healthy expectations for my audience when they do have the opportunity to experience Saskatchewan's outdoors.

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