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How to get ready for your Photoshoot

It's something everyone asks before their first photoshoot, "what do I have to do to get ready?" It's a very valid question too! Beyond paying your deposit, getting to the location of the shoot, and making sure everyone is well-dressed and happy, what do you have to do to get ready for a photoshoot?

1. Clothing

Keep it simple. Avoid patterns and overly shiny jewelry as these make your photographer's job 100 times harder, and takes the focus away from you! Or worse, you get lost in the photo itself!

So maybe not a fair example of getting lost in the photo, but you get it!

Don't be a Sears Catalog Family. Although matching can be cute, don't have your whole family wearing the exact same outfit. While some matching plaid accents can be cute, a full family of Canadian tuxedos is about as tacky as it gets. If you want to have some fun matching photos, request them as an additional set!

2. Hair and Makeup

Avoid too much glitter. A little highlighter won't hurt but if it's a very sunny day or a bright location, all that glitter and shine is going to make you look like you're made of metal!

Don't overdo it. If you usually don't wear much makeup, come to the photoshoot with not much more than usual (you can still have fun though!). You'll look more natural and like yourself!

Flawless makeup, not overdone but just enough to highlight her beautiful features!

Don't try something new. If you've been thinking about using a new skin cream, use it long before your shoot or afterward. The worst thing that could happen is for you to get a reaction just in time for your photoshoot!

Wash your hair. Seems obvious but many people want to avoid the greasy look or frizz by using dry shampoo. Although this might work, there's usually lines of oily hair that show up between the overly dry sections. Save yourself the regret and wash your hair the morning of your shoot. This goes for short hair too!

3. Drink plenty of water and avoid big meals on the day of the shoot.

Your skin will be brighter, you won't feel bloated, and you'll be much more comfortable for your photoshoot! It's also a good idea to avoid too much salt and sugar the 2 days before your shoot to help your body prep for a mini fast.

4. Check-in with your photographer if you have any questions or ideas.

Do this at least a week before your shoot. If you have any surprises or special requests, it's important for your photographer to know about them ahead of time! That way they can be perfectly prepared and deliver exactly what you're looking for!


5. Use the washroom before you get to the shoot.

This is maybe another obvious one, but the point is: if you're uncomfortable, it will be reflected in your photos.

If you ever have any questions or doubts, ask your photographer! They want your photos to turn out just as much as you do! ❤

What would you want to ask your photographer?

Are there other tips would you add?

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