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An Outdoor Non-traditional Saskatchewan Wedding

My boyfriend's incredibly intelligent and ambitious brother married one of the most perfectly graceful yet determined women I've ever met, and they had what is my favorite wedding ever. Plus this was my first wedding shoot ever!

Without further ado, this is Chris & Kate's Saskatoon, Saskatchewan wedding.

I was there from 1 pm to 10 pm (I don't remember getting into bed, only waking up) and covered a pre-ceremony shoot, the ceremony, family, the reception, and a quick stop at their home to get Chris's only request, a photo with his custom-built Cobra.

Side note: I was there when he first started working on this car so seeing it so close to complete and incorporating it into another incredible moment of his life was an awesome moment for myself as well.

Anyway! Back to this incredible wedding. Kate and Chris got engaged in December 2018 while Jordan and I were at their parents' place. Sooo we all got to experience their mom as she received the "ring" photo which was quite entertaining. Fast-forward to March when Chris asked if I'd like to shoot their wedding (to which I obviously said yes).

Kate and I then figured out some details, did a drive around to pick out some locations as we were in Saskatoon for 4 days. We enjoyed a ferry ride along the river, drove around to a few of her favourite city parks, and ended up deciding on the Cranberry Flats Conservation Area weather permitting. That I meant I had to scope out a brand new area the morning of the wedding... 😅

After Kate had her hair done and Chris UouTubed how to tie his tie, we headed over to the Flats and went to work! Well, it was hardly hard work... these two are genuinely madly in love so I basically just had my list of prompts and let them do them!

It started out quite cloudy with thunderstorm watches but that cloud cover soon dissipated and we got some hot hot hot sun.

For the most part, it was flawless, people were super kind and stayed out of the way and watched, the weather was hot but nice, and the wind wasn't crazy strong. BUT there was one blooper.... these gaffers... but we had fun anyway!

Here are a few of my favourites from this location:

Next was a quick home stop!

We needed to pick up Chris's Grandfather's 1935 Chevy take a quick break and head over to the ceremony location.

Fun fact: Kate and I had the exact same shoes #greatminds

Finally, we took separate cars, these two went for ice cream and we headed to the ceremony!

The ceremony was at the River Landing in Saskatoon right beside the old pump house. It was a stellar location but had some challenges (tourists and construction of course) including some crazy bright sun (thank goodness for matte!!!).

Now, the photo below was something I wasn't prepared for. I knew Kate wanted a group photo of their ceremony attendees, but I failed to ask if there was anything special she was planning for it. I definitely should have done a high speed continuous remote shot (I'm tucked into the right there) instead of praying for correct confetti timing. But lesson learned!

Some other great moments from the ceremony:

On to the reception!

We headed just down the street to Drift (such a cool place!) where they had the top floor and rooftop booked. We were served a delicious meal, danced, and had just an absolute blast.

My final photos of the night were of these two love birds dancing and swinging. I loved scrolling through them as if they were dancing again and again, which is what inspired this exposure.

May blessings rain down on you, and your love last forever <3

With love,


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