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Foggy Lake

Foggy Lake

An early morning fishing trip on a very cold lake... Wouldn't you take this oversleeping in though? 


My most creative title. About as creative as you can be in the early morning on a very cold lake...

This small lake looks like a crater from the surrounding area. With access at either end, snowmobile trails all around, and loads of walleye, it always surprises me just how serene it is. Every season I visit this lake just to see what he has in store for me.

We've learned some great fishing tricks here and it's fed us every May long weekend for the past six years.

Remi went on his first paddleboard trip here, mom too.

One of the best friends I could ask for caught her first fish in a kayak here as darkness settled upon us and the moon shone down.

The last time we were together on a beach with my mom and our family dog, Jojo was here... a warm day with friends and family and shenanigans.

The morning after my grandpa passed away I came here to take his spirit fishing with me once more, and as I returned to shore, a bald eagle appeared above my kayak before disappearing into the fog.

A gentle, caring, comforting spirit resides here.

Such an unexpectedly meaningful place.

Full of warmth, despite the cold.


500 5x7 prints 

250 8x10, 10x20 prints (on 16x24 or larger by request)


All prints take 5-8 days to process and will usually arrive within 10 days after processing.

Photos will be cropped to fit the selected print size. Never handle photos by hand! Always use clean soft gloves or have framed by a trusted professional. The oils from your hands will leave marks and deteriorate the ink on the print.

PriceFrom C$45.00

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