Small Ghosts

Small Ghosts

Actually an ermine, these little guys are notoriously curious and seem to lack any fear. This one, in particular, is a regular at our cabin, running to see what we're BBQing or smoking, hoping to sneak a little bite!

I've been sharing a lot of this guy throughout my social feeds for the last month or so, and was surprised to know how few people knew what they were. So here is some knowledge for the interested!


Ermine are very interesting creatures. Part of the weasel family they are also called stoat (summer phase), or short-tailed weasels, with "ermine" being the most common name given to them during their winter phase. They tend to live solitary lives, primarily hunting mice, voles, and other rodents. However, they're opportunists and will take out birds or turn into scavengers if the opportunity arises. One of the coolest facts (to me) is that they'll pluck the nice downy fur from their catches and make themselves a little bed to keep warm, since their long bodies are necessarily great for heat retention (although they are very adept at chasing rodents through tunnels).


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