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Spring to Life

Spring to Life

Spring on this lake is spectacular. Loud and welcoming, the tree buds glow in the late morning light. It's a place of mystery and rarity, home to trout, beaver, lynx, and elk. Take the long walk, I promise it's worth it.


This is one of my favourite images as the contrast of the colours in the late morning sun aren't dulled by the black and white filter. Instead, it allowed the points of the willows to seemingly glow.

The editing process of this photo included a black and white and infrared filter, which toned down the brightness of the sun and brought out the detail in the buds, movement on the water, and light in the trees of the opposite shoreline. 


500 6x9 prints 

250 8x12, 11x14, 10x20 prints on 16x24 (or larger by request), or larger*


All prints take 5-8 days to process and will usually arrive within 10 days after processing.


*Contact us for custom sizing.

Photos will be cropped to fit the selected print size. Never handle photos by hand! Always use clean soft gloves or have framed by a trusted professional. The oils from your hands will leave marks and deteriorate the ink on the print.

PriceFrom C$45.00

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