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Plexi Pre-order

Plexi Pre-order

Take advantage of certain deals with pre-orders! Just choose your image to be printed within 3-months.


Plexi-mounted prints

Printed via Chromogenic silver-halide printing process on Fuji Crystal Archive Glossy or Kodak Endura Premier Metallic. Plexi is polished for a clear, vibrant look. 

Plexi prints come finished on 3mm Sintra board (1/ 2 in.-depth Gravity Bars) OR an aluminum hanging- frame (5/ 8 in.-depth floating metal frame with keyhole hooks), giving it a floating look. 

Photos will be cropped to fit the selected print size. Never handle photos by hand! Always use clean soft gloves or have framed by a trusted professional. The oils from your hands will leave marks and deteriorate the ink on the print.

PriceFrom C$371.04

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